A Unique Location

A tourist attraction in Europe, as a gateway from the Balkans to the Adriatic Sea.

1.5 hour flight distance from Istanbul Airport.

Possibility to fly all over Europe.

Maritime trade through the Port of Bar.

Easy access to the Balkans through Belgrade highway.

An opportunity for Sea and Mountain tourism.

Open To The World

The right to move freely in EU.

Opportunity to travel visa-free from Turkey

EU negotiations at the final juncture

Member of NATO, World Bank, World Trade Organization, IMF and European Investment Bank

Complying to the Copenhagen criteria in the justice system.

Used currency is Euro.

Advantageous Investments

Opportunity to establish a business with completely foreign capital without the need for a local partner

Having the same rights as foreign and local investors.

Easy and fast legal procedures.

An easily obtainable residence permit as a company.

Corporate and income tax 9%

Fast customs clearance

Intertwined with Nature.

Untouched unique nature

Safe cities

Clean air

Clean and calm beaches

High quality education opportunities

Clean sea

A life without traffic and stress

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Herceg Novi
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